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What is Slack?

Slack is, at base, a chatroom. It has some advanced features and abilities, but for the most part if you join Tax Slack you’ll be using it to communicate with other tax professionals. Think of it as more realtime and vetted than Twitter and faster and less intrusive than an email mailing list.

Here is a helpful video put out by the good people at Slack.

Mkay, what’s in it for me?

Are you a tax professional? Have you ever wished you could bounce your ideas off of someone else? No? Then nothing, get the hell out of here.

For those of you that remain, Tax Slack offers the chance to chat with others in the field about … whatever you want. Bounce ideas off fellow experts, chat about ancillary interests or hobbies, list job postings, etc.

We just ask that you: (1) be a professional in the field and (2) be civil. That’s it.

This cost money?

Nope. Slack has a free tier that this instance is set up on. It doesn’t cost me anything, so it won’t cost you anything.

What’s your agenda here?

I often have ideas that I wish I could chat with a fellow expert regarding. Basically, I’m hoping to build a small community for discussing the esoterica of all things related to tax law. My family doesn’t want to hear about it anymore.

How do I join?

Glad you asked. Fill out this form and I’ll get back to you. No scam here, I’m not going to sell your information, spam you with other junk, or do anything other than either (1) send you an invite to Tax Slack or (2) ask for more information regarding your bona fides. Afterwards we will discard your information and it will not be stored or sold to any third party. Slack’s privacy policy can be read here.

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